We Are Really Doing This

We Are Really Doing This

That’s what I’m starting to find myself thinking. “Wow, we are really doing this.” For so long I said I didn’t feel like I needed to or wanted to do IVF. We pursued adoption, completed our home study, and for six months we were a waiting family. Then one day after struggling with the wait we found ourselves considering IVF. We dove into researching our IVF options and found that IVF was actually a great possibility for us.

Now we find ourselves in the wait to start IVF. We’ve taken our names off the waiting list with the adoption agency, we’ve made our IVF payment, scheduled appointments, and are getting ready to purchase all the meds. I am finding this new wait to be very different. As we move forward we learn more about IVF and what our IVF journey will look like. I’ve found myself starting to feel more hopeful. We’ve tried other fertility treatments and they weren’t successful, which makes it hard to not be guarded.

But sometimes when I’m by myself I start thinking about how this might work. I had given up on ever being pregnant. I had accepted that we would welcome a newborn into our family that wouldn’t be genetically related to us. Now we have this chance to have a biological child and I have the chance to experience carrying and growing our child. It sounds like a dream.


A month from today we have our first appointment for our IVF retrieval cycle. It looks like the first of our shots will start on Christmas and our egg retrieval will be somewhere between January 4th and 6th. All of the embryos will be frozen and six to eight weeks later we will do a frozen transfer. So we still have some waiting ahead of us again,  but we are moving forward and we can’t wait to see where this new journey takes us.

I know that IVF may be new to some of you. You might have questions and we are always happy to answer them, we are actually still learning too. Here’s a resource with some general IVF information for anyone that’s interested: http://www.webmd.com/infertility-and-reproduction/guide/in-vitro-fertilization .


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  1. I’m so excited for you both! I’m continuing to pray for you and wish you success in growing your family, however it happens. Josh and Michelle, you will be great parents. Good luck with the IVF.

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