Our Favorite Baby Items: Amelia’s Room

Our Favorite Baby Items: Amelia’s Room

It took us three and a half years to get pregnant. During that time I spent hours looking through Pinterest daydreaming about decorating our baby’s room one day. I also love to organize, so I did a lot of searching on how to organize the millions of things you need for a baby. Seriously, you wouldn’t think a tiny human would need so many things, but dang they need a lot. As a mom I love to see what other moms like or how they organize things. Instagram has been an amazing mom resource for me. I often see someone post an item that I never would have thought of, solves a problem I’ve been trying to solve (especially organization), or I have had great support when I’ve had a question. I love my instafam (just ask my husband, you’re all he hears about).

We’ve had Amelia home for about five months now and her room continues to be my favorite room in our house. I still can’t believe we have a baby in our house! I thought I would share some of my favorite items from her room. Some of these I saw other moms using and others we found along the way.

Ikea Cart– I can’t say enough good things about this cart. It is all over pinterest and used in so many different ways. As soon as I saw it I knew we had to have it, and it didn’t disappoint. We use it to store diapers, wipes, diaper cream (and other similar items), burp cloths, and swaddles/sleep sacks. These are items we use all day long and this cart makes it so easy to get to them. Sadly they no longer sell this cart in the beautiful color we have but they do sell it in a few other colors.

OXO Tot Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser– This item may not be for everyone but this is one I saw another mom using and we love it. I know some of you will say I could use the plastic ones that come with the wipes, but for me I like this one so much better. It has a metal plate inside that weighs down the wipes making it super easy to get them out one at time. The wipes never dry out and it is easy to refill. Plus it looks pretty sitting in the cart. I almost forgot to mention how easy it is to open, just and gentle press on the top and it opens and then just press it back down to close. It really easy to use one handed during a diaper change.

Sterilite 5 Drawer Wide Tower– If you’ve been following along with us for a while you know Amelia is a surviving twin. When we were originally planning out her room we were planning on storing items for two babies. Amelia’s room isn’t very big so a large dresser wasn’t an option. Her closet also isn’t very big either. We originally purchased a tall dresser to put in the closet but the drawers wouldn’t pull out far enough and it wasn’t working out. We started looking at the closet and decided maybe we could find something to put on each side and maximize that space while leaving the middle open. I looked and looked at dressers and shelves and had no luck. Then I got the idea to look at plastic drawers carts, we have had so many different variations of these over the years. These have been the perfect solution. We use one to store all of her receiving blankets, muslin swaddles, crib sheets, playpen sheets, and changing pad covers; while the other has diaper pail liners, an extra pack of diapers, the extra wipes, towels, washcloths, extra soaps, and the parts to her scale. If you are working with a small room and a small closet I definitely recommend checking these out.

Skubb Drawer Organizers– These were another item I saw another mom using and they work great for containing all those tiny baby clothes. They make it so easy to keep them organized and easy to put clothes away after being washed.

Munchkin Step Diaper Pail– This is one item that I was told by some moms is a must while others said they don’t work and to skip it. My opinion: this is a must. We love ours. Amelia’s diapers are quite potent, we had to double glove her diapers in the nicu or her room would smell all day long. This diaper pail contains the smell so well, you don’t smell the stinky ones every time you open it.

Munchkin Waterproof Changing Pad Liners– This was another item I saw another mom share. We use these over Amelia’s changing pad cover. There have been many times that this has kept me from having to change the cover.

HoMedics Sound Spa– I talked about this sound machine on my last blog post too, but we love it. It’s super easy to use and can either be plugged in or run on batteries.

Blackout Curtains– I also talked about these in my last blog post. We didn’t start out with these. I had seen other mom’s talk about loving blackout curtain but I wasn’t sure they would be necessary. After we moved Amelia into her room I started noticing that her room got pretty bright in the afternoons and she was struggling to stay asleep during her afternoon naps. We added these curtains and very quickly saw improvements in her naps. I also love this beautiful curtain rod.

Glider– When we were planning the room for two I wasn’t sure we would have space for a glider, but eventually decided we wanted one so we would have a place to rock our babies. This is one of my favorite places in our house. I have spent so many nights rocking Amelia to sleep here and I am so glad that we bought one that was more like an armchair and is comfortable to sit in for long periods of time.

Touch Lamp– We started out with a lamp that had the on/off switch on the cord. We quickly realized this was not going to be convenient when carrying a baby into a dark room. Buying a touch lamp was the best idea. It’s so simple and easy, plus I just love this gold one from Target.

YI Dome Camera– We spent so much time trying to decide what we wanted to do for baby monitors. We knew we wanted one that did video, however my husband wanted one that he could view on his phone, not on an included monitor. We looked and looked and had a hard time finding one we liked but didn’t break the bank. We ended up finding this Yi camera on Amazon and have loved it. Our house isn’t very big so we can almost always hear her but it’s nice to be able to pull the video up right on my phone and see what she’s actually doing. I also like that I don’t have to carry around another monitor, my phone is pretty much always with me.

VTech Audio Baby Monitor with Two Parent Units– While we love our Yi camera I knew I also wanted to be able to hear Amelia at all times when she’s in her room. Our house isn’t very large so we can most often hear her but if you have the sink or dishwasher running it can be difficult to hear her in the kitchen and I wanted to be sure I could hear her if we were sleeping. I love that this monitor set came with two speakers. We keep one in the kitchen and one on my nightstand and they work great. They also can run on batteries so if I go outside to do something while shes taking a nap I take the one from the kitchen out with me.

iPad- This might not be an item everyone agrees should be in baby’s room but for us it has been a life saver. In the early months I spent a lot of time pumping in Amelia’s room. I also spent hours every evening rocking her through her witching hours, eventually she’d fall asleep but I couldn’t move her until her next feed or she would wake back up and scream again. We keep it plugged in and on a stand on her nightstand and most often watch something on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Pure Humidifier– We had a terrible time keeping the humidity in our home at a comfortable level this winter. We have a whole house humidifier on our furnace but our air was still too dry. We bought this small humidifier and put it on Amelia’s shelf/toy box and it worked perfectly. Most nights I ran it on low and I could even turn it off during the day.

Amelia’s room is filled with many other items but these all stand out to me as the ones that we love and use again and again. What are your favorite items you use/used with your babies?

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