One Year Ago

One Year Ago

One year ago today I published our first blog post  and shared our adventure. I remember feeling so anxious when I shared it, not knowing how people would react. Sharing was the best thing we could have done. And it truly feels like a lifetime ago.

So much has changed in a year. We did fertility treatments, decided to move on to adoption, researched, found an agency, did some waiting and saving, started gathering all our homestudy materials, completed our homestudy, and officially became a waiting family. This waiting stage is a little strange. We have been a waiting family for about a month and a half now; some days it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long and other days it feels like we’ve been waiting so long. At this point we are just waiting for a phone call.

And this last week we did get a phone call. Our agency was trying to find a family for a baby girl that had been born the night before. In the end we weren’t what the birth family was looking for. While that’s disappointing and frustrating, we respect the birth family’s right to choose what they feel is the right family for their baby. This left us feeling a little deflated. It would have been great timing with me home for the summer and we wouldn’t have had to wait at all. But it didn’t work out and we are still waiting. Like Josh says one positive is we haven’t been waiting long and already have had some activity, we have to see that as a good thing.

We have been keeping busy with some house projects, we have a room set up for a baby, and we have been spending a lot of time with family. We have really just been keeping busy, definitely helps keep my mind off of the waiting. Maybe when this date comes around next year we will have our baby and will be sharing about our adventures as a family of three.


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