Let’s Catch You Up

Let’s Catch You Up

I have had these great and grand plans to write multiple (and probably long) blog posts to share about our journey. I really want to share about our ivf journey, my pregnancy, James’s birth, bedrest, Amelia’s birth, and our NICU stay, and many other things. Having a new baby at home takes up quite a bit of time. And if I’m really being honest, reliving those memories is scary, but I also really want to do it. So while I’m working on mustering up the courage to write those posts I thought I would write a quick timeline to catch anyone up that maybe hasn’t been following along from the very beginning.

Real quick background information: I have PCOS and have always had irregular cycles. From the beginning I had incredibly heavy cycles that were way too frequent and I went on birth control around age 13. In my early 20’s I went off birth control for a little while and my cycles were pretty much nonexistent, the time between periods only got longer and longer until I went back on birth control. I always knew getting pregnant would be difficult and would likely require fertility treatments, and this was something I shared with Josh very early on in our relationship.

  • November 2013- stopped birth control and started our journey to get pregnant
  • June 2014- started Clomid, we tried this for 3 cycles before switching to Letrezole for a few cycles
  • November 2014- referral to RE
  • December 2014- first appointment and testing with RE, decided to do an IUI with Letrezole in January
  • January 2015- I didn’t respond to the Letrezole and our IUI was cancelled, we would try again next cycle with injectables
  • April 2015- 1st IUI
  • May 2015- 2nd IUI
  • June 2015- 3rd IUI
  • July 2015- after we found out our 3rd IUI was unsuccessful we made the decision to move on to adoption
  • September 2015- met with an adoption agency
  • January 2016- signed with our adoption agency and started paperwork for our home study
  • March 2016- home interview for home study
  • May 2016- became a waiting family
  • November 2016- changed our path from adoption to IVF

And this is where I plan to pick up with telling our story. I’m still not sure when I’ll have the posts done to tell our IVF journey but it will happen eventually.


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