IVF Round 1: The one that was cancelled

IVF Round 1: The one that was cancelled

It’s been two years now since we did IVF. So much has happened over those two years. Not only do I want our story documented for myself but I also feel it’s important to share our journey. I want to raise awareness and connect with other women and families.

In the Fall of 2016 we decided IVF was our next path to building our family. We were so excited for the possibility that this would maybe lead us to our baby, but we were also so scared that we were putting all of our money into something that may not work and we’d have to start all over again.

We started our first round of IVF on December 24, 2016. We were using Menopur, Gonal F, Cetrotide, and I think microdose lupron. The plan was to use injectable meds to make a bunch of nice mature follicles, do an egg retrieval, use icsi to inject the sperm right in the eggs to assist fertilization, most likely do a freeze all with any embryos we get, and after some recovery transfer one of our frozen embryos.

I had my first blood draw after three days of meds and the numbers looked good, at this point they made no change to my meds. Then after six days of meds we had our first ultrasound. They measured 23 follicles, many were very small. We were instructed to continue the meds and come back in three days. After nine days of meds we had our second ultrasound and it did not go as we had hoped. They measured around 40 follicles (varying in size from 6 to 12 mm). A mature follicle is 18-20 mm. They increased my medications in hopes it would help the follicles that were already growing grow more. It was tricky with my PCOS, we needed the follicles to grow but we were also risking having too many follicles growing. It was hard not to lose hope but our team was encouraging. After eleven days of meds we had our third ultrasound. This one also did not go as we had hoped. My follicles had not grown much at all. We were told they would look at the levels from my blood draw and make a decision, but our cycle may be cancelled. I also have to add that while we waited for our ultrasound we could hear another patient scheduling her egg retrieval. We so badly wanted that to be us but I just had a gut feeling it wouldn’t be.

That afternoon the nurse called and let me know that our cycle was cancelled. I was driving and had to pull over in the nearest parking lot and try to hold back tears as she told me they were already looking over our records to make a plan for our next round. As soon as I hung up I sobbed. I was devastated. It was like our first IUI all over again, the meds hadn’t worked and we would have to start over again. Now we were questioning will we ever even make it to retrieval?

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  1. Hi! I had the exact same medication. But my moment of crying and confusion was right after the first ultrasound. Differently from you, I had SEVEN follicles developing. Seven. Six on my right side and ONE on the left ovary. I always heard women my age (I was 36) collected 20 eggs… I had only 7 follicles to play the IVF game… started to think I missed the staring gun in this life race… wondered if I ever had more eggs earlier in my life or was it always like that… long story short, I spoke with my doctor on the following day and he told me “it only takes one…” and indeed, at the end of this process, I got three fertilized eggs (I did ICSI) and after PGS, I had one single viable embryo (the two other embryos had missing chromosomes). One… I was advised to go through another cycle again, and try one more time. Especially due to my age and because they say if you want one kid, you need two embryos… so there I went again (same medication again…)… and had again only 8 follicles maturing this time and at the end of the whole process I ended with 4 fertilized eggs, three embryos on day 5 but only one viable embryo after PGS again. … I still think it’s all such a crazy miracle that my daughter is here with me now… <3

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