Hello Again

Hello Again

It’s been a long time since I last posted on our blog. All of you reading this are a part of our journey for different reasons. You may be part of our family, a friend, we may have connected through infertility, adoption, or ivf, we may have connected because we have twin loss in common, we may have connected because you also had a baby in the NICU, you may have become part of our family during our NICU stay, you may have found our story and started following our journey, and I would bet there are other ways you may have come to follow along with us.

Two and a half years ago we started openly sharing our infertility journey. We’ve continued to share every step of the way: IUI, our plans to adopt, changing our path to IVF, IVF, pregnancy, the birth of both our babies, our daughter’s NICU stay, and now our life at home. Over the last year I did most of this sharing through social media (Instagram and Facebook). At times we shared almost every detail and other times we only shared the basic facts. For a while now I’ve been wanting to sit down and write about our journey. I want to do this for myself so years down the road I can look back on the details of this long story unfolding and I’m hoping that maybe our journey may help someone else too. I think I have a plan for writing out our journey, picking up from my last post where we announced we would be doing IVF. I don’t have a plan for when I will write the posts or when they will be posted. They may come quickly or it may take a while to process and write, but I really want to write it out and share. So, if reading more about our journey over the last year interests you, be on the lookout for new posts.


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