Welcome to Our Adventure

Welcome to Our Adventure


Looks like we are finally out of the infertility closet. Josh and I have been on our adventure to start our family for the past 19 months. During those months we have shared with some family and friends. Everyone has been so supportive. It has really helped to feel like we have people to talk to and we aren’t alone. We try to be careful to not bring it up too often, as to not make others feel uncomfortable. We also know that sometimes other people don’t ask us about it because they don’t know where we are in our process and don’t want to upset us if it’s a bad infertility day. Josh and I talked about it and we thought a blog might be the best way to share where we are in our adventure. It might help people understand what we’ve done in the past months and what we are doing now. At the top of the page is a tab titled Our Story. There you can read all about our adventure from the beginning to now. We are currently getting ready to start our third IUI cycle and I plan to blog about it along the way. As my mom said, third time’s the charm we hope.


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