Adventure Update

Adventure Update

Well it’s been a while since we updated so I thought I’d share where we are now. In September we had a consultation with an adoption agency. This agency does domestic infant adoptions in both Kansas and Missouri. We were really happy with the information they shared and feel they may be the right agency for us. Not long after meeting with the adoption agency Josh was offered a new job at an ad agency, VML, as a web developer. Taking this new job has a few different affects on our adoption plans. Josh’s new job comes with some great adoption benefits: 4 weeks of paternity leave and financial assistance towards adoption expenses. These benefits, though, are not available to him until he has worked there for a full year. This means that if we want to take advantage of these adoption benefits we will have to wait another year. As hard as it can be to think about waiting another year, after already waiting almost two years, this will also give us time to save for the adoption expenses.

For now our plan is to work on saving for the adoption and then next summer we will start working with the adoption agency and get started on our home study. We still feel really comfortable with our decision to end fertility treatments and move towards building our family through adoption. Honestly, it already feels like it was a long time ago that we were going to doctor’s visits and doing IUIs. This just continues to make our adventure feel more positive and we truly can’t wait to see where it takes us. I’m not sure if I will continue to update the blog during out wait, and if I do I’m not sure how frequent it will be. Just know that if you have questions for us or want to know how things are going and we haven’t updated in a while, feel free to ask. We are happy to talk about it and share how things are going.

When looking over the paperwork we were given at the agency consultation there was a question that asked if our family and friends are supportive of our plans to adopt. I know that we can answer that with a resounding yes. We have already received so much support and love from you all that I know any child that we are lucky enough to bring into our home will be surrounded by so much love from our friends and family. So thank you for the continued support and love on our adventure!


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