Adoption Adventure Update

Adoption Adventure Update

We’ve had a few people ask recently where we are at with adopting so I thought I’d do an update. During my spring break in March we turned in our home study binder. It was exciting to have it all together and hand it over. The next week we had our home visit with our social worker from our agency. It was so much more laid back than I expected. She talked with us together about their agency and process, toured our home, talked with us both individually to ask a few questions, and then we finished all talking together a little more. In all it was about two hours. So far we are loving our agency. They have been so organized with the process that it has made it easy and they are so helpful and laid back. This week we received the first draft of our home study to review. We hope to get that done this weekend and sent back. We also need to send back a group of paperwork we got after our home visit. Up next I think we work on our profile book and our online profile for the adoption agency. Our agency will use these to share with expectant parents. It’s crazy to think we are getting closer to that point, and so exciting.

Thanks for the continued support. When we had our home visit our social worker was asking about how supportive our families and friends are of our desire to adopt. We were able to tell her our support system is all just as excited as we are.



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  1. Yes, we are all super excited. We love you two so much, and will love the baby just as much. Will indeed be a fortunate baby to be with you two. Love, Grandma Herder

  2. Very excited for the both of you. Miss seeing you everyday at school…Hope all goes well for you with this adventure.

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