A Sign

A Sign

Back in March, after our first IUI was cancelled and we were waiting to get to try again, I was doing some shopping and came across this sign.


I took a picture of it and sent it to Josh. I really felt like it perfectly described our path toward building our family. We had already been on quite the adventure and no matter how we had a child, through IUI or adoption, it just felt like it fit. Josh agreed and I made my first purchase for our future child’s room.

Well our adventure has continued, as you all know now that we have this blog. Right now we are still at the point of researching. We are trying to learn about the adoption process and learn about different adoption agencies we might want to consider. Making the choice to stop fertility treatments and move on was a little scary, but I feel like it really was the right choice for us. Moving on has been relaxing and it makes our current adventure feel more positive. I know the adoption process won’t be easy, and I’m sure it won’t be short, but now we know how we will build our family after years of wondering. It actually feels a little freeing.

I also want to say thank you again to everyone for the continued support. All of your messages and calls make us feel so loved and I’m so glad that we have you all on this adventure with us. I can’t wait to continue sharing it with you.


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