A Peek into the Baby’s Room

A Peek into the Baby’s Room

Today I thought I’d share the baby’s room. We’ve spent quite a bit of time working on this room over the summer. I’m sure we will continue adding to the room, but we’ve got all the big things done. Let’s start with what the room looked liked when we bought the house, what it looked like after we painted it when we bought it, and what it looks like with it’s fresh paint job.


When we moved in two walls were bright yellow and the other two walls were bright orange, with a noah’s ark border around the top. Obviously this was their kids’ room too. We didn’t have a kid and it really wasn’t our style, so we painted it a neutral color and it sat that way for a few years. Fast forward to this summer and we decided we would tackle some home improvement projects. We started with this room; we painted it a nice soft gray color on the walls and painted the trim white. I am so happy we made these changes, the room feels so calm and relaxing now.


This is one of my favorite views in the room. The sign is the whole theme for the room “You are Our Greatest Adventure”. I’m also obsessed with these arrow sheets, I found them online before we even bought the crib and had to order them. Then there is the quilt I made. It perfectly ties the whole room together.


Across the room is the changing table. When I found the wall art I felt like it was exactly what we needed. I want our child to grow up knowing how lucky we feel to have them in our lives. I also made the changing pad . It was the first time I’d tried making something like it, and I’m happy with how it turned out. Guess we shall see how it does when we are actually using it, but for now it sure looks pretty.


Then there is the other corner of the room. Gus and Charlie, our dogs, love this chair. This chair will be a great size for reading a book with our child, along with two dogs. We know that where ever the baby is the boys will be right there too. The night stand was given to us by my parents. It started out brown and beat up, and with a little paint, a new drawer pull (that I’m in love with), and some love it goes perfect with the rest of the furniture. This is going to be a great spot to cuddle up with a baby and a couple dogs.


Speaking of dogs, here are my two little assistants. They had to be right at my feet while I was taking pictures today, and Charlie had to keep bringing in toys. Any time you walk into this room they are right there with you. I think they think we fixed this room up for them. These two are going to be great big brothers.

I love having this room set up. It reminds me that one day we will have a baby in our home. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Someday we will be a family of three, and two dogs. I’m just hoping that is some day soon.


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